Anthony Terrill Sr., Founder & award winning Nutritionist, has spent 35 years working with clients to create healthy smart food choices. He is a nutrition expert who has developed a New Innovative ASC Flour™ formulation, to cultivate peoples lives. "I have worked with thousands of people to alter their experience of being alive through healthy eating. I have always been interested in creating great tasting food that allows people to feel great and be healthier. We all love food. Now we can enjoy eating smart when you see the logo ASC Flour™ on all your food labels."

My mission: "To make a difference in peoples' lives".

WHY ASC Flour™?

As a clinical nutritionist, my many years of experience have shown me that some of today's food groups do not lend themselves to proper diet and digestion. Case in point: our overwhelming consumption of foods made from dead, lifeless processed flour . Like pasta in its present "known" form is by and large made of durum wheat or semolina and most are sold in box form. Traditional pasta is a complex carbohydrate in this state is dead lifeless and lacking any nutritional value. It is also difficult to digest which can result in discomfort and weight gain. Yet with these known facts, millions of pounds of traditional pasta are ingested every day.

Introducing ASC Flour™!

Years of relentless research and development have gone into ASC Flour™ to obtain a great tasting, high in highly nutritious, health conscious product.

ASC Flour™ is a Proprietary Blend of 5 different sources of plant proteins from Organic Sprouts and Grains whose use dated back thousands of years. ASC Flour™ is a low glucose response, 89% gluten-free smart flour containing the highest levels of organic sprouts and grains which support the body's natural metabolic breakdown of the proprietary blend for those who want the satisfaction of a great tasting whole grain foods, that "Digest As A Vegetable... not a starch! Made from the science of Sprouted Grains.

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Benefits & Nutritional Value