ASC Flour™ has numerous enzymes that help the digestion process. With organic sprouted grains to increase the bio availability of nutrients such as enzymes, protein, vitamins and minerals. Starches are naturally converted to vegetable sugars that are easily absorbed into your body for energy.
The Result? ASC Flour™ Digests as a vegetable... not a starch!

The proprietary mix of our grains ASC Flour™ is a blend of sprouted organic wheat berry, organic millet, organic sprouted spelt, organic malted barley, natural pea protein isolate, pure water, xantham gum, NON-GMO.

Our ASC Flour™ has numerous enzymes that help the digestion process. Digestion is key to good health. These enzymes are produced during the sprouting process. The benefits are:

  • Easier to Digest - sprouting breaks down the starches in grains into simple sugars so your body can digest them as a vegetable.
  • Increased Vitamin B Content (B2, B5, B6, B17)
  • Increased Carotene - sprouting increases carotene up to 8 times
  • Increased Enzymes- A plant reaches its highest point of energy in a cycle of plant life from grains to sprouts.
  • Reduction of Anti-Nutrients - Sprouting neutralizes enzyme inhibitors and phytic acid, which is a substance present in the bran of all grains that inhibits absorption of calcium, magnesium, iron, cooper and zinc.
  • Increased Protein- By combining 5 Different Sources of Organic Plant Proteins our pasta becomes a complete source of protein.
  • Increased Amino Acids - We use 100% Pea Protein Isolate, which delivers a key Amino Acid Profile, one that is high in Arginine, Glutamine, Lysine and Leucine.

  • Can be eaten by people who suffer from Diabetes, Hypoglycemia and other ailments (consult with your doctor) ASC FLOUR digests as a vegetable sugar and is a perfect food for wellness, weight loss and diabetics.
  • Does not feed pathogenic yeast (candida)
  • Acts as a prebiotic to feed important micro flora in your inner ecosystem
  • Provides serotonin to calm and soothe your moods
  • Help hydrate your colon to keep you regular
  • Is alkaline vs. Acidic
  • Nutrients hold their value after being cooked - USDA Studies have been done on our proprietary mix of whole grains in our pastas and have held their nutritional value at 100% after being cooked.
  • No Artificial Color
  • No Preservatives
  • No Bloating
  • Guilt free- you can eat it every day even two times a day.
  • Our products are packaged using equipment that is free from milk products, soy, peanuts and tree nuts.