In the Mood for Pasta? Great Pasta's Back On The Menu

Choose ASC SMART™ Pasta digests as a vegetable... not a starch! Crafted locally in Flanders, N.J.

Let's face it, pasta is the number one comfort food in America. Who doesn't love a plate of spinach and mozzarella ravioli or a bowl of fettuccine? The only problem is that traditional pasta has little nutritional value and is difficult for the body to digest. Indulging in traditional pasta dishes can lead to discomfort and weight gain. That's why Anthony's Smart Choices LLC has developed ASC SMART™ Pasta and ASC Flour through the science of sprouted grains.

Since ASC SMART™ Pasta is a revolutionary proprietary blended flour that Digests As A Vegetable... not a starch! It is great for diabetics and perfect for people on low-gluten diets. Anthony's Smart Choices LLC wants you to Know Your Carbs. All carbs are not created equal. ASC SMART™ products are great for weight loss programs. And you can even join our Be Carb Smart Fitness Plan.

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You'll go crazy for ASC SMART™ products because they're:


  • Fresh
  • Organic
  • Low glucose response
  • Low gluten
  • Complex carb-free
  • Plus, it's not going to leave you feeling bloated or uncomfortable.




Anthony's Smart Choices LLC manufacturing is based in Flanders, NJ, but we can ship our ASC FLOUR™ anywhere in the United States.

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The founder of Anthony's Smart Choices LLC, Anthony Terrill Sr., has been a professional clinical nutritionist for over 40 years. For years, he turned to rice pasta, but became increasingly discouraged by the fact that grocery store prices were rising and rice pasta didn't have any nutritional value and was high glycemic to begin with. In 2008, he decided to never eat boxed pasta again, purchasing organic, non GMO millet flour and a pasta machine to start creating his proprietary blend ASC FLOUR™.

Encouraged by his late son, Anthony began to craft a pasta mix containing organic sprouts and grains that date back thousands of years. The main five organic non GMO sprouted grains include millet, barley, wheat berry, pea protein isolate and spelt. His son's dream is that ASC SMART™ Products could find their way into every home in America.

Customize your own ASC SMART™ sample pack from our store today because Tasting Is Believing!

With ASC SMART™ Pizza there's a new crust in town.

At Anthony's Smart Choices LLC, we strive to create Smart Products that everyone will love. Do you love pizza but can't eat it due to it's high glycemic index? Try the ASC SMART™ Pizza dough balls and create your own pizza in the comfort of your own home. Discover why you'll love ASC SMART™ pizza.

Our ASC FLOUR™ is created from a variety of organic non GMO sprouted grains that have incredible nutritional properties. You'll love our products if:

  • You're health conscious
  • You're sticking to a weight management regimen
  • You're an athlete
  • You require a low-glycemic diet
  • You have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes
  • You're on a low-gluten diet
  • You love tasty pasta and pizza

Try ASC FLOUR™ for yourself and discover the difference it can make in your diet.

Treat Your Body the Way It Deserves to Be Treated

Enjoy Smart delicious, healthy pizza and pasta

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